Arena of Valor Hack 2019 – Get Unlimited Gems, Gold and Vouchers for FREE!

Arena of Valor is Great 5v5 battle game which Ranked on Top Games for Action. There are 78 Heroes in Arena of Valor which makes it Great Battle Game. Hack of Arena of Valor
Arena of Valor hack
On Any Other Games, the Numbers of heroes are Actually Less. Hereos Divided into Six categories, Such as
Marksman: These Heroes Great for Physical Damage and They’re Really Useful to Win the Game.

Mage: These Heroes can do Magic Damages.

Assassin: These Heroes can do big damage to enemies but they have low Health.

Tank: They have More HP Then Others but they can do Little Damage.

Warrior: They have Medium HP and can also do Medium Damage.

Support: These Heroes can provide Healing and Buffs. They usually do Medium Damage.

This Game is free to Play but you always need Resources.

Types of Resources:

There are Three types of Resources in Arena of Valor Gold, Gems and Vouchers.


Gold is Main Resources you need to Damage your Enemies to High Level. Gold can be used to Buy heroes and their Equipment.

You can Buy all Heroes Equipment by Using Gold. Gold is Easy to Get by battle each Time.

You may get Little Amount of Gold by battle. But You’re Luck today Use our Arena of Valor Hack to Generate as Much you want.


Gems are also Important in Arena of valor, which can be used to buy special chests, gold boost cards, and experience.

Earning gems is not easy like getting gold because you have to complete some Achievements in the game.

But Arena of Valor made Easy for gamers you can also get it by logging in game daily.


Vouchers are Important but you can’t get it by Battle or by Logging into the game. You can only get these If you have some Money.

You can buy some special stuff like Heroes, skins, equipment, gold and Boosting Cards. You can do some extra stuff like

changing your account name or change your guild. But I don’t use Money to buy vouchers, you can use Arena of Valor Hack.

Arena Of Valor Online Hack

How to Claim your Free Resources?

You can get Gold by Battle, Gems with achievements or logging into Games and Vouchers with money.

But you may already know how hard is to get these resources free if you already playing. You can load your account
with instant gold, gems, and vouchers with money.

But a better replacement for your money is to use our Hack.

This hack work Faster then you buy with your money and Arena of valor Confirms your Transition. Read some Friendly tips for you.

How to use Heroes?

For Physical Damage: Physical damage plays an important role to take enemies fast. So, these Heroes I Recommend Fennik, Tel-Annas, and Moren.

For Magical Damage: Magic damages are higher but these are slow. However, you can use these Heroes to take your enemies fast Jinnar, Raz and Liliana.

For high damage and fast speed: We Recommend Assassin for this Job. You can use these Assassin Zill, Butterfly and Quillian.

For high HP: You can send these Heros first to mislead enemies then you can use some magical or Assasin to Job Done. You can use these Heroes Xeniel, Thane and Roxie.

For Medium HP and Medium Damage: You can use Maloch, Amily, and Zanis for this Job.
Supporting Heroes: You can use Supporting Heroes for Healing and Buffs. For this Job, you can use TeeMee and Alice.

How Arena of Valor Hack Works?

AOV Hack will use Some Coding to Ping Tencent Servers with Some Code Injection of PHP and C++. This shows server someone buy Gems, Gold or Vouchers with your account name with this you will see huge balance in your AOV Account.

  • Anti-ban
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Free Resources

Arena of Valor Battle Map:

This Map may Help you to get Good results in Every Battle.

Image Credit:

Competition of Arena of Valor:

Arena of Valor part of Electronic sports event in Asian Games 2018. Asian Games held in Indonesia.

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